Mark Simpson

Installing United Pacific LED Lighting System

Mark Simpson
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If you’ve been around long enough you’ve noticed how classic car parts companies seem to come and go, but the ones that have the “Good Stuff” always stand the test of time. When it comes to an LED lighting system for classic cars, unquestionably United Pacific is an industry leader, with its complete line of LED lighting solutions and over 7,000 parts in its catalog for the classic car enthusiast. Getting its start manufacturing LED lighting system components for the trucking industry taught the company everything it needed to know to make parts that last. And bringing that knowledge to the classic car industry has made them an instant success.

When our good friend Shawn complained about the intensity of his headlights and the brightness of his taillights, we felt compelled to make his classic 1973 early Ford Bronco shine a little brighter. Shawn’s Bronco is no cream puff, in fact it’s all business and he wanted a new set of headlights that would help reflect his Bronco’s aggressive good looks. The choice wasn’t easy as United Pacific’s line of 7” round headlights seems endless, but soon he determined a new set of lights that included 10-LEDs and 950 lumens of power each all in a virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing.

Our attention then shifted to upgrading the rest of this little Bronco’s exterior lighting, and United Pacific didn’t let us down there either. The new LED front and side marker lights were a perfect match to the factory original lights, only a lot brighter. And the rear lights brought our upgrades to the next level. The rear brake/turn signal lights offer a user selectable capability to either come on all at once or sequence across the lens for a real custom look that gets noticed on the road.

All of United Pacific’s parts are built as good as they look and are certain to deliver years of great performance.

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