Mark Simpson

Upgrade Your Classic with Billet Trim Parts & LED Mirrors

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   25  mins

Many avid car enthusiasts are drawn to personalize their ride to make it unique in the crowd of other perfectly restored cars. For nearly as long as there have been cars, there have been companies offering parts to give your car that personal touch. All of these upgrades are not always driven by appearance; in fact, many are geared toward improving performance or added safety and reliability.

United Pacific Industries actually got its start delivering high-quality accessories for the trucking industry, providing bright, reliable LED lighting and products to enhance the look of any 18-wheeler. They then turned their attention to delivering the same quality of parts and accessories to the classic car market. Today they have a vast catalog of over 7,000 custom and reproduction parts for nearly every classic car on the road. So if you’re looking for body panels for your ’32 Ford, tail lights for your ’57 Chevrolet, or a new core support for your ’75 Bronco, the folks at United Pacific have you covered.

Although United Pacific is known for its great LED lighting, Mark Simpson couldn’t wait to get his hands on some of their great billet aluminum black anodized trim parts for early Ford Broncos. Machined from solid blocks of aircraft quality aluminum, each of these parts is precisely engineered to fit our ride. Our Bronco project is no “stocker,” and these parts fit perfectly with the hard-core, off-road look we were after. Once you hold these parts in your hands, you know right away they’re built to look good and to last.

Once we had all the trim upgraded on our Bronco, we couldn’t resist upgrading the side mirrors, too. United Pacific’s reproduction early Bronco mirrors are a dead ringer for the original, with one exception. They have stealthy LED turn signals incorporated in the mirror glass itself. They are nearly impossible to see until you flip on the turn signal switch and bright turn arrows illuminate in the mirrors. This feature adds a new level!

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