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Chevy C10 LED Side Marker Lights

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If you’ve looked at any new cars lately, you would surmise that the traditional light bulb is a thing of the past. Many components on modern cars utilize LEDs in place of what were commonly light bulbs years ago. Their compact size, brightness, and durability make them an easy choice for manufacturers.

The folks at United Pacific Industries recognized that classic cars could also benefit from the advantages LED lighting has to offer, and embarked on developing an extensive line of LED lighting solutions from headlights to side marker lights to tail lights and everything in between. It’s their dedication to the classic car market that has assisted many fellow enthusiasts in keeping their rides on the road. But with over 7,000 unique classic car parts and growing, United Pacific shows no sign of slowing down and is dedicated to bringing affordable, high-quality parts to the market.

Of course the measure of quality is more than just bolting it on and seeing it work. Quality parts stand the test of time, and United Pacific Industries understands this by offering lifetime warranties on many of their parts. Seeing is believing though, so we caught up with fellow classic car enthusiast Garret Carlson as we did LED headlight, tail light, and mirror upgrades to his 1970 Chevy C10 just 3 years ago. Garrett uses his truck, and this short-box beauty was a great test platform for the durability of United Pacific Industries lighting.

Carlson reports the upgrades performed better than he had hoped as immediately his friends could see his tail lights come on when attending cruise night events. The stealthy mirrors have the look of factory originals with the hidden-until-on turn signal indicators and headlights so bright he needs to turn them off when backing into his garage to not irritate his neighbors across the street. His only regret was not doing the rest of his lights.

But we changed that; Garrett teamed up with Mark Simpson to add new factory looking LED Side Marker lights and a great set of LED backup lights. These lights made a huge difference and will last… they’re built that way!

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