Mark Simpson

LED Lighting System Upgrades for an Early Ford Bronco

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   40  mins

The LED lighting system first made its appearance on semi-truck trailers and commercial applications, where traditional filament bulbs were prone to failure. They proved so successful that it didn’t take long for the auto industry to take notice. First offered on high-end luxury cars, soon they became commonplace on virtually all new cars. United Pacific Industries, a longtime supplier to the heavy truck industry and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, took notice.

Even though new cars were now equipped with a brighter and more reliable LED lighting system, those same advantages could be brought to the classic car market, too. United Pacific has fully embraced the classic car market, bringing a host of LED solutions for most classic car enthusiasts. With over 7,000 parts in their catalog specifically for classics, you’re certain to find parts for your classic.

Off-road vehicles are subject to similar problems, as large semi-trucks with stiff suspension and rough terrain bringing an early demise to many traditional bulbs. Join Mark Simpson as he takes on upgrading our early Ford Bronco to eliminate the old-style bulbs in ALL of the exterior lighting.

These lights are more than a LED bulb replacement; they’re a complete light replacement with multiple LED lights in every lens and all epoxy-sealed to protect them from the elements. There is no mistaking the difference an LED lighting system makes when compared with the originals, but as an added benefit, the new sequential taillights look stock until the switch is thrown and they instantly grab your attention.

Our upgrades didn’t end there—next we brought that same great technology to a pair of great United Pacific LED headlights boasting over 1,000 lumens of intense power. They are certain to light up the darkest deep-woods trail or your next trip home from a midsummer cruise night.

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