Mark Simpson

LED Upgrade for Mustang Headlights

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   7  mins

There’s little doubt about the benefits of LEDs for brighter and more dependable lighting, and thankfully this technology has found its way into the classic car market. While taillights and marker lights were the first to make the conversion to LEDs, these days nearly every bulb on most cars is replaceable with LEDs. Headlights were one of the last adaptations for this new technology, and manufacturers such as United Pacific Industries were ready to answer the call with a complete line of LED headlights and something for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, United Pacific is more than just great lighting; they fully support the classic car market with over 7,000 unique parts to fit countless classic car applications. If you’re looking for a steel body for your ’32 Ford Coupe project, a tailgate for your ’77 Bronco, or an SS emblem for your ’72 Chevelle, United Pacific has the parts you need.

Fellow enthusiast Pat Hazel has spent years owning, restoring, and refining his classic 1967 Mustang, and in this time he had replaced almost every light bulb in the car with LED lights—that is with the exception of the headlights. Pat mentions that he’d always wanted to upgrade the headlights but hadn’t found a set he liked.

Thankfully, the folks at United Pacific industries had an extensive line of headlights to choose from, making the tough decision a little easier to make. Mark Simpson joins Pat in the Classic Car Restoration Club shop as they team up to complete the LED conversion of this great little car with a pair of LED Mustang Headlights.

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3 Responses to “LED Upgrade for Mustang Headlights”

  1. Terry

    I have yet to find an LED headlight conversion that works. Heat is the enemy of LED lights and headlights are a bit to close to the engine and overheat very quickly and quit working.

  2. lenparrish

    Do the New LED headlights require re-aiming?

  3. Ron Frederick

    Do you need to upgrade the wire harness or install a relay to use the led lights? I have a 1992 Camaro that could use some brighter lights.

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