Mark Simpson & Bob Wilson

United Pacific Headlights & Taillights: Outfitting a Mustang with LEDs

Mark Simpson & Bob Wilson
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Duration:   16  mins

Automotive LED lighting has changed what we expect from lighting systems. While LEDs first made their appearance on heavy equipment and trailers as a good solution for filament bulbs that were constantly burning out. Soon the high-end automotive market saw the advantages too, and began to incorporate this innovative solution into their offerings. Today LED lighting is commonplace on nearly all-new cars.

Thankfully United Pacific Industries recognized the advantages of LED lighting early on with their complete line of solutions for the heavy trucking industry. Later they sought to bring these great solutions to the classic car industry. Today, United Pacific has more than 7,000 unique products for the classic car market and continues to expand their product line. The advantages of LED lighting can’t be stated enough; brighter lights, less electrical draw and improved reliability make them a must have upgrade to any classic.

While we’ve done a few installs of United Pacific products in the past, we couldn’t resist getting a set of these great lights in the hands of acclaimed Mustang restorer Bob Wilson of RJ Restorations in Farmington, MN. True to form Wilson had just the project car for us; a good customer’s slightly modified 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I.

“Impressive Quality” was Bob’s first impression of the United Pacific headlights and taillights. From fully sealed in epoxy LED taillights to super bright sleek LED headlights all backed with a lifetime warranty, lets you know they stand behind what they manufacture. We join the folks at RJ Restorations to give a classic 1969 Mustang a distinctive new look with United Pacific LED headlights and taillights.

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