1963 Chevrolet Impala SS

63-chevy-exteriorYears ago, I was looking for a clean ’63 Impala SS, when I found and bought this car in Oklahoma. It features all matching numbers on the engine and transmission, which includes 327cubic inch / 300 horsepower engine and Powerglide automatic transmission.

63-chevy-interiorAdding to the rarity of this great ride is factory A/C. When I began my search for an old car, I was thinking I would find something I could build up into a real street fighter, however when I purchased this car, it was such a clean and well optioned original, I decided to keep it that way.

Jeff Collins

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12 Responses to “1963 Chevrolet Impala SS”

  1. Sam Wilkerson

    I should not have sold this to Jeff, regret everyday. I found the car in Richardson, Texas. It was basically a one owner when I bought her in 1998. Jeff’s done a great job on the car, I’ve visited twice, she’s a beauty.

  2. Terry Carlson

    That truly is a beauty. IF you ever want to sell it please let me know, or if you come across another let me know. I had one , white, aqua interior, 2 Dr. hardtop, back in ’67. I wish I’d have kept it. Best car I ever had.

  3. Don Willmott

    Your 63′ is just like my first car, white with black interior, convertible , 283 2 bl 3 speed stick, Impala. Of all the cars I ever owned, the one I wish I had now. What a great combination, aqua interior and white exterior, 327 4-speed.

  4. Paul Brand

    Beautiful car! I have a 63 SS also. I am just starting to restore it. Do you know what all the codes on the cowl tag mean for a 63? I have figured out the vin. tag but some of the tags on cowl are a mystery to me!!!

  5. Dan

    Great looking car. I also have a 1963 chevy impala ss. Mine is all red with a black interior with a 304 hp 409!!!

  6. Jim

    I always thought the 63 was the best of chevrolets and last GOOD looking car. I have a restored 55 and although proud of it. You were fortunate to find a car like this and – KEEP IT ORIGINAL….

  7. Gerald Mann

    That was a lucky find , I live in Daytona Beach, and every Turkey Rod Run there are two 64 409 four speeds , original everything , until the prices come into range I will make do with the 15 Camaro SS I have .