1964 Pontiac Parisienne

1964 Pontiac ParisienneI bought my 1964 Pontiac Parisenne eight years ago from a gentleman in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. It was a very clean low-mileage car and now has 84,000 miles on it.

I have fond memories of learning to drive in a 1965 Pontiac, and always wanted another one, but when I saw this nice 1964 I had to make it mine. It is powered by a 283 cubic inch engine that is backed up by a two-speed powerglide transmission. The car runs and drives like new and is a lot of fun to drive. We drive it a lot during the summer and those skinny little tires when I bought it just didn’t look right, so we upgraded them to new wider wheels and tires, that seem to fit the look of the car better. I told my son, when I’m gone the car is his; I don’t think that he can wait. Ha-ha.

Phil Brewer
Fredericton, N.B. Canada

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One Response to “1964 Pontiac Parisienne”
  1. john manos

    cool wheels you have there…i just bought a 62 bonneville conv…my 1st car as well ; about 55 years ago…wish me luck!! nice shape but needs some interior and dash work and rear conv. top window!! best of luck!!