1965 Ford Thunderbird

I purchased this 1965 Thunderbird about six years ago from a person that lived in California and was leaving the country. It is all stock. I have done a few repairs. For example, I converted the radio from AM to AM/FM and replaced the power window motors. I enjoy driving this great car and affectionately call her “Trixie”.

Ralph Johnson


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8 Responses to “1965 Ford Thunderbird”
  1. Luis Cedrez
    Luis Cedrez

    Beautiful car. My father had one in the early 1970s. Loved it then and still do. Hunter Green. Yeah this would be fun to rehab. Congrats.

  2. Mark F
    Mark F

    My father had a 65 T-Bird, as a child I recall he smoked a corvette off the line and the only thing the guy could say at the next light was, “you’re not supposed to be able to do that”. LOL It was the first car I ever got behind the wheel and so wish I could afford to have one now. Enjoy.

  3. Brian Engle
    Brian Engle

    Beautiful ride! I love the color and the look of your original wheels/caps with the skirts! I am spending my covid enforced evenings restoring my ’66 Landau. While the market for ‘Birds isn’t as crazy as Mustangs, I enjoy learning about what differentiated the features and construction of the ‘bird with my wife’s 65 ‘stang. The ‘Birds are in a luxury class all by themselves.

  4. Crapocalypse

    I recently bought a 65 Tbird as well.
    I have the engine running tip top. I’ve got the original cruise-o-matic 3 speed completely rebuilt, and the parts were impossible to find. (If you are building one and it’s not original, I recommend going with the c4 or c6 transmission. Consult an expert though)
    I have exhaust waiting to be installed, and then I have to start fixing the laundry list of improperly done “upgrades” and regular wear and tear, not to mention pure stupidity by the previous owners.
    But….. she’s solid.
    If you guys have any tips or pointers or good places to get parts, my name at yahoo is how to get me.

    • Ross

      When I first met my wife in 1980, she had a 67 T-Bird, pink, that i used to work on in my “foreign car repair shop” back when we called them foreign cars rather than “imports”
      It was such a cool car and I wish we still had it. at the time, it was just an old car.