1969 Dodge Monaco

I have owned this car for the last 14-years, she is a 1969 Dodge Monaco convertible, it is a Canadian made car as Chrysler did not make convertible Monaco’s in the USA in 1969. It is one of only a little over 600 built. I found this car in a barn surrounded by 12 GM convertibles over 16 years ago. It took a couple years but I finally convinced the owner that it didn’t belong with all those GM’s and I would take real good care of it if he were to sell it to me. Over the years, I have rebuilt her to the car she is today. Unfortunately I have no before pictures due to a computer crash, I guess that’s a lesson we all learn once… or twice. Originally the car was a light green color with a black interior and a black top. It was originally a 383cu.in. 2bbl single exhaust car, but I have since made into a 4bbl, dual exhaust. I have changed the entire frontend pitman arm included, new shocks, exhaust, brakes, tires, and gas tank. I have ordered new rear springs and front torsion bars that I will be changing out this spring. I redid the front and rear seats 2 years ago and she has a new top. She has 90,000 miles on her but runs and drives like new, making it a fun car to own and drive.

Lawrence Barton
President / East End Road Rebels Car Club
Ontario, Canada

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