1971 Chevrolet Rally Nova

Just wanted to share my latest purchase with members. It is an all-original 1971 Chevrolet Rally Nova. I will be starting a complete restoration later this week.

I am a huge fan of Nova’s and this is my 8th, and hopefully my last one. Plans for my Nova include a new engine/drivetrain, bodywork, wheel/tire combo, including interior work.

I understand this old car can never be new again, but I’m just hoping to get it as near as I can to the day it was new!

Gerry Leclerc

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13 Responses to “1971 Chevrolet Rally Nova”
  1. ben Root

    a little rough but ive seen worse good luck keep us posted as u go ben in fl

  2. Jeff

    Thanks for sharing. My goal is to restore a classic CJ jeep I purchased a few years back. It is a slow process for me since I still work full time. Can’t imagine doing it 8 times! Keep us updated with the progress. JD

  3. George May

    I would love to see the car returned to it’s rare Rally Nova stripe / lettering appearance . Even the stock vintage looking Rally or SS type wheels (which are now available in larger sizes) . Engine compartment should look stock 350 but even have a potent 383 (or ?) hiding under there (no LS swap) . My trans choice would be a built 700R4 or something similar or if it’s a factory stick car I would use a TKO 600 . Beefier brakes , a 12 bolt posi. and an updated stock type suspension (sway bars , urethane bushings , gas shocks , etc) no Mustaing II steering or independent rear , etc. I would keep it relatively “simple” and basic . If it were mine !

    • Stephen Patrick

      but it’s not yours, nobody asked how it should be restored. keep your opinions to yourself unless asked,

  4. Pauline Thomas

    Dear big brother… yes, you have loved Novas since we were kids. No wonder you got this one! Can’t wait to see how it will look once you re-do the entire thing over!! Have fun in the process! / Love, your little sis – Pauline

  5. futurelifeconstruction

    I will be working on a 1974 Nova 4 door soon. Having fun finding new bench seats.

  6. Gregory Broadbent

    I have a 1971 Nova all original with 65K miles 6 cyl. 2 door automatic . 1 small dent almost 0 rust gagage kept for years . looking to do a restoration . thinking of going to a v8 conversion . I am torn between keeping it stock or adding muscle . Any advice …..

  7. Lee Carpentier

    I owned back in the day from 1974 to 1980 a 1971 Red Rally Nova. It had a 350 C.I. motor with a 2 barrel carb. 3 speed on the floor, 8.5 10 bolt rear with 3.08 gears. Had the factory Black rally Nova stripe’s. It had power steering, NO A/C. and a AM/FM radio back then. When purchased, It had Appliance headers and chrome rim’s.Back in 1975 a good friend had a 1970 Z28 Camaro that he wrapped around a wooded phone pole, So I bought the car from his insurance comany for 500.00 dollars as his car had a 350LT1 motor, M22 as we called them back then rock crushers and a factory 12 bolt Posi rear with factory 4.33 gears. I changed the cam to a Crane performance cam as the motor already had a factory Holly 780 carb and the new for back then Accel Distributor. I retained the original Headers, Ported the camel hump heads and a mild polishing of the heads.The headers were 21/2 back then with California Turbo mufflers running to the rear. pitting the slicks on the car at the drag strip, The car would run 11.90’s. But gas was 30.9 cents back then for premium with None of the stupid tax’s they have today. I thought that I saw that car for sale in the SE USA a while back being advertised and thought about it, But I am going to restore my 1985 Choo Choo Customs El Camino after we move up state Florida. But good luck with your project. Lee.