1973 Chevrolet Chevelle

I have always loved this body style since they ran in NASCAR in 1973. “The forgotten Chevelles”, I call them. I am a big guy and I fit in this car real comfortably. Looking for a new project and I found this. I bought it from a young man who hadn’t finished it but it had a lot of desirable parts and pieces – mildly massaged 454 cu.in. big block Chevy engine, 700r4 automatic transmission, ceramic coated – long tube headers, new interior, pretty straight body, 4 wheel disk brakes, positraction rear end, new BFG tires. I have since straightened the body and had it painted, finished and tightened things up, got the new TA wheels, new exhaust, custom console, SS dash gauge set and a bunch of other upgrades on my weekend projects. The Chevelle drives great and is spacious and comfortable – I love it.

Michael Gaumond

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13 Responses to “1973 Chevrolet Chevelle”
  1. Joe

    Nice looking car, Michael.

    I own a 73 Hurst Olds. It’s it a love or hate it body style. But I like it.
    Especially the way the GM 73 A body’s ride.

  2. Glen

    You are right, I never paid much attention to these cars, but you did a very nice job with this one. I particularly like the way it looks around the grille. Great, subtle job of styling this, and I like the wheels a lot too!

  3. Mike K.
    Mike K.

    You have one very nice ride enjoy it! I have been working on a 73 olds 442 for way to many years, the body style is almost impossible to find parts for, it is really nice to see one looking this good!

  4. gerald diamond
    gerald diamond

    i have a 46 ford coup it has a 302 in it what engines will fit in it thank you

  5. Sean

    I had a Laguna S3 with a 454, it’d pass anything but a gas station 😀 (loved the swivel bucket seats)

  6. Bill Russell
    Bill Russell

    Great GM, my best friend had one and I remembering tuning it up with him, it was a little time consuming.

  7. Juan Carlos Henning
    Juan Carlos Henning

    Congratulations. These were really nice cars. I own a ’77 ElCamino, which looks like your car from the side. Only the 350cid engine, but I installed a set of two 500cfm quad carburators.

  8. Rob

    Nice, I am in the process of redoing a 1973 myself. Parts are had to find for these. Looking for the connecting piece for the trim around the side quarter windows.

  9. Mick

    My first new car was a 1973 Chevelle Deluxe. I bought it in northern California for $3200.00. It had a 307 cui engine with all the California crap for emissions on it which brought the hp output to maybe 90 and it could hardly get out of its own way, but on the highway, it cruised nicely. Later on in life, I was reading a car magazine, probably Carcraft, that said I could have gotten a new 1973 Chevelle with a 454 cui in it, in Texas, for $2600! And that without the emission stuff. Dang it! I was from Texas, anyway, and could have accelerated as well as cruised nicely. LOL!