Adding V8 Power


I found a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger with a slant 6 engine. Can the slant 6 be removed and replaced with a 340 or other V8 without a lot of modification?


Yes, The 340ci small block MoPar is a great way to add more than enough power to your Swinger.

You will need:

  • Conversion Motor mount brackets
  • Bigger radiator
  • Rear axle
  • Front Torsion Bars
  • Transmission
  • Driveshaft
  • Brakes, etc…

As you can see the list gets long quickly… and you’ll need to do some hunting to find all of the parts, but it can be done… Those who have done this often rely on purchasing a parts car or are ready for the hunt at local swap meets, junk yards or online auction sites.

Best of luck with your great project!

Wrench Safe,

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10 Responses to “Adding V8 Power”
  1. Virginia Harlow

    I had this conversion done back in 1980 in Mechanicsville, Iowa! Back then it only cost me $700. Good luck, it turns into a lightweight Road Runner hot rod! Well worth it!

  2. Ron langevin.

    440 is fine….I have one in my superbird, but…the cost of a steel crank 440, block, 904 heads, closed or small chamber version, boring, new pistons can cost a bunch. To redo my S bird, motor home block, 6pac, etc was more than a crate 426 Hemi. And after that, the rest of the parts. There is no such thing a junk yard parts anymore and anyone who says there is full of it. There is a couple of exceptions however if tiu live in certin areas like Eastern Nebraska, Mossuri, or the Carolinas. Other than that, good luck. The way to go might be to rebuild your slant six. You can add a Austrailian version of the Hyper-pac, headers, bore .060 and bring it up to 9.5 compression. Add a torque cam, a roller timing chain, and perhaps a 2 core radiator. You willbe up to around 175 HP by that time and under $4,000. If you want to go to 250, get a turbo setup. One final thing is brakes. You will need to add disk fronts. Use the dart, demon, duster setup and the 11 inch disks. You can get a
    Current version of this set-up from THE RAM MAN, INC. HE KNOWS ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT MOPAR BRAKES. You will be far more satisfied with doing it this way than the 440 Way unless it would be for straight line running. Save my address and I am available to give you advice any time. I am a Mopar restorer, a former MOPAR late model and sprint car driver, etc.

    • Non believer

      Where exactly can you just “get a turbo setup” for a slant 6? Header? Just a custom header alone would probably equal the cost of the turbo. Considering there is no “turbo setup”, you have to piece it together. Good luck with that. In the end, it would probably equal the cost of a V8 swap, or pass it and still not have as much power nor be as reliable.

      He’d be better off, instead of looking for “junkyard parts”, to use aftermarket replacements. Brakes, suspension, radiator, etc…

      So…. Where is this slant 6 turbo setup again? IMO, he’d be better off swapping the V8.

  3. Bob

    IF you have to ask this question then don”t try it about the most simple swap in the world //all the rest of things named should be done for safety but that was not the question !

  4. William Valtierra

    Would I have to change everything in a 6 cylinder Mustang to put a mild 289 in it? Transmission, rear end spindles etc…

    • Customer Service

      Hi William. Yes, to do the job correctly and not have a weak link in system, the front spindles, springs, steering linkage, rear axle, transmission, brakes, radiator, etc… would all need to be upgraded.

  5. wayne

    back in the late 70’s i had a Dodge dart with slant 6. i built a 273 hipo and installed it the only thing i had to fabricate a motor mount for the passenger side.i used same transmission and rear in. from 0 to 30 mph it moved like a lead sled but it would fly. low to second @ 45mph,second to drive @ 95mph and still got 21 mpg. car ran for a long time until i got married,lol

  6. panamfam

    Years back, I put a V8 & transmission in a slant-6 74 Duster. I swapped out the whole K-Frame from a V8 car. no alignment issues. I should have changed all the stuff, but didnt. never had any issues.