All new Saginaw C2&C3 Manual Steering Box

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Through a recent acquisition Borgeson Universal Company is now the original equipment manufacturer and re-manufacturer of Saginaw manual steering gears.

Borgeson is now manufacturing all new, OEM 63-67 and 68-82 Corvette manual steering gears in their Torrington CT facility. This is the true OEM Corvette gear built to the original specifications and drawings from Saginaw, not an off-shore copy. Each gear features a precision machined casting created from the original tooling coupled with all new internals manufactured by Borgeson. Each gear is carefully assembled, inspected and tested to Borgeson’s precise specifications.

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2 Responses to “All new Saginaw C2&C3 Manual Steering Box”
  1. David Diliberto

    Is this newly available ’63-’67 Steering Gear the same as that used for the original C 2 Corvette which was for both the manual or power assist steering system or those cars. Will there be an assembly kit to replace a worn existing manual steering system with a new complete power assisted steering system?