Locating Parts for a Caprice Classic


Can anyone help with finding part cars or parts like seats for a 1974 Chevy Caprice Classic? Mine is a convertible, but think hard top is the same, however I don’t know what years or models have the same parts. Please help!


Second Generation (1971-1976) Caprices share many of the same components. Although year-to-year styling components did change, including items like grilles, taillights, trim and interior upholstery. While you are correct in assuming the 2-door sedan Caprice shared the same seat frame as its convertible counterpart, it is likely the upholstery materials and design differed between the two. Convertibles of the period would often receive the solid vinyl or leather interiors to protect the interior in the event the top was left down.

Chevrolet_Caprice_Classic Your 1974 does share most of the same parts between the 1973 and 1974 models, but don’t limit your search for parts there. Your car also shares many parts from its B-Body cousins (Oldsmobile Delta 88s, Buick LeSabres and Pontiac Grand Villes) and can be an excellent source for parts.

Knowing exactly what parts can be interchanged from year-to-year or even between makes and models can be challenging to learn. Fortunately, the guys at Hollander’s have us covered with their interchange manuals. If you’re serious about restoring cars, this is one resource that will pay for itself! Check out the Restoration area at: www.hollanderinterchange.net. I know personally they have saved me thousands over the years and helped me locate parts I thought I would never find. With a set of these in-hand, you’ll even discover that parts for the Studebaker you’re restoring were also used on early Mustangs and are available as close as your local parts store.

Where to look? As I’ve said to others, the hunt is all part of the journey of restoring an old car. Online sites like ebay.com, craigslist.org, and car-part.com can make the hunt easier, as well as attending local swap meets, vintage salvage yards (yes, they’re out there), or even simply letting fellow enthusiasts know what you’re looking for.

Enjoy the hunt and wrench safe,


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14 Responses to “Locating Parts for a Caprice Classic”

  1. Rodney Stewart

    Looking for chrome or stainless steel rocker panel Moldings cover for a 1970 Chevy caprice

    • Customer Service

      Dear Rodney,

      Than you for your patience, here is what the experts had to say:

      We’re unaware of anyone reproducing these moldings leaving you to search for good originals.
      Salvage yards rarely list trim in their inventory, but they do list other parts,
      I would search car-part.com (http://car-part.com/) for 1970 Caprice Quarter panels and that would tell me they had one in inventory.
      You could then call or visit them to see if there is still rocker panel trim on the car.
      A quick search reveals several available across the country.

      Wrench Safe, Mark
      Classic Car Restoration Club

  2. Brian Reuck

    If you’re in Southern California Pomona Swap meet and Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meets.

  3. Jack

    Try the larger salvage yards in Tucson or Phoenix Arizona. Nothing rusts there so there are lots of old cars and parts available.