Lowering Twin I-Beams


How would you lower a 1965 ford 1/2 ton short wheel base pick up with the Twin I-Beam front suspension? Also, can you add power steering to this truck?


There are a few options to lower the front end of your F100. The easiest way to lower it would be to install drop axles like those made by DJM suspensions (djmsuspension.com). Your next option would be to remove the I-Beam front suspension and convert to one of many hot rod type front suspension systems. However, you’ll need to be prepared to do a fair amount of welding and fabrication.

Yes, you can add power steering to your truck. The most common way to get the job done is to use the components from a 1970-79 F100. The steering box should bolt up, however you may need to transfer the steering column or make modifications (shorten) to your column to get everything to bolt up.

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    • Customer Service

      Dear Sean,

      Thank you for your patience while I reached out to the expert on this, here is what he has to say:

      Grafting on a new front subframe is a BIG job, It needs to be welded and gusseted well, not to mention square with the wheels centered in the opening.
      Do a lot of research and talk to those who have done it before. Also be certain in your welding skills before even starting.
      That said, it is a popular upgrade for early pickups.

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  1. Mike Boyajian

    Take care when changing steering components or adding power steering to the Twin-I Beam front end to avoid bump steer. Tie rod pivot points should match suspension pivots to prevent the front wheels from wandering left or right as the vehicles traverses bumps or as the body rolls to one side or another when steering.

    Usually, pre-engineered kits have this figured out, but be cautious.
    Good luck on your project!