MIG Welding Wire Size


When welding butt welds on floor pans, what size MIG wire should I use, and at what voltage setting on the welder?


When MIG welding automotive sheet metal, thin wire is better. Most often .023 solid wire is used with a 25/75 (argon/CO2) shielding gas. Some welders can not use .023 wire, so .030 wire can also be used instead but watch for burn through. The voltage setting is different on every welder and welding condition, just make certain you are getting good weld penetration without burning through.

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      You can use a flux-core wire to weld without a shielding gas supply. flux-core is exactly as it sounds – wire with flux in the middle. Consult your welding supply house when selecting wire, as some flux-core wires also require a shielding gas too. As the wire melts it burns the flux creating a gas cloud around the arc to shield the arc. It creates a lot more splatter and heat and I do not recommend use flux-core for welding sheet metal. Flux-core wire is available in sizes to fit most hobby welders, so select a wire size that is compatible with your welder and the material you intend to weld.

      Hope this helps!

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