Missing Fuse Block


I was asked by a good friend for assistance resolving some electrical problems he was having with his 1949 Ford F1 pickup. After searching for awhile I could not locate the fuse block. Where is the fuse block located?


Cars and trucks prior to the 1960s seldom have what we think of as a “Fuse Block”. Rather they have two, three or four circuit breakers that look like little metal boxes with a couple of threaded studs sticking out of them. On the ’49 Ford F1 the Breaker is sort of 2-in-1 but it’s still a block with metal posts sticking out, and wires attached (see photo).

Many times the circuit breakers are tucked beneath the dash or behind the kick panel cardboard and occasionally mounted to the outside firewall or inline. There will also be some electric devices that have inline fuses (i.e. radio, blower motor, clock, etc.). I believe your circuit breakers are under the dash on the right side of the instrument panel, but it’s been awhile since I last worked on an F1, so crawl under and take a look.

Circuit breakers do go bad, but normally when they’re working properly, if blown, they reset themselves. It’s important to note that circuit breakers do have amperage ratings like fuses and if replacing a circuit breaker it should be matched to the original circuit load.

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  1. W. Ritch
    W. Ritch

    2 circuit breakers on back side is inst. panel fed by yel. wire which passes thru charge indicator. 1 for headlight circuit 1 for ign sw.