MSD’s Atomic 103mm Throttle Body


MSD’s new 103mm LS Throttle Body answers the need for a high-flow, cable operated, and bolt on solution. The CNC machined stainless steel big bore throttle body features a unique parabolic bore form and contoured inlet profile that outflows the competition. Reinforced 3-bolt mounting design and dual ball-bearings lowers shaft twist, increases TPS accuracy, and provides smoother operation of throttle all without sacrificing airflow. Includes mounting hardware and can be used with all OE intakes, TPS, and IAC sensors. For a smoother response at any speed, the pros choose MSD.


  • Parabolic design for precise control, smoother off-idle response and improved part-throttle driveability
  • Billet body with stainless steel shaft
  • Contoured inlet profile outflows the competition’s big-bore throttle bodies
  • Robust throttle cam assembly, featuring a three-plate design
  • Dual ball-bearing design offers shaft stability and smoother operation
  • Less shaft twist for superior TPS signal stability
  • 4-bolt mounting for easy installation
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      • Customer Service

        Hello Kris,

        This unit is for an LS engine, although you will see performance gains from a larger throttle body, but it should be considered as part of a bigger solution that includes: exhaust system, intake manifold, head flow, valves, camshaft and computer tuning. The quicker air and fuel can enter the engine needs to be matched with its ability to expel it.

        Wrench Safe,
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