Pro-Billet Distributor for 392 Hemi Engines

Pro Billet Distributor

Nostalgic engines are hotter than ever with the early HEMI models topping the cool factor in classic hot rods. For anyone with a 392 HEMI, they’re going to be excited to hear about MSD’s new Pro-Billet Distributor.

The Pro-Billet 392 Distributor, PN 83891, is based on a CNC-machined billet aluminum housing for incredible strength and precision tolerances. For stability, the distributor shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing while a proven, maintenance-free magnetic pickup produces accurate trigger signals to fire the MSD Ignition Control.

For tuning, the HEMI distributor features MSD’s easy-to-adjust mechanical advance and is supplied with different springs and stop bushings. This allows you to custom tailor a timing curve to match your application. There is also a vacuum advance canister that will help with economy during cruises and throttle transitions.

The distributor is supplied with MSD’s heavy-duty race rotor, distributor cap and spark plug wire retainer. An MSD ignition control such as a 6AL is required and will plug directly into the magnetic pickup of the distributor.

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2 Responses to “Pro-Billet Distributor for 392 Hemi Engines”

  1. Michael Harper

    Will this distributor work in a 1985 Dodge 360 engine and do away with the ignition control module

    • Customer Service

      Good morning Michael,

      No this distributor will not fit the 360 engine as the shaft is too long. However MSD does make a distributors for the 360. The “Ready-to-run” #8388 or the #8504 eCurve distributor are both good choices. You will need to do a little more work if you want to remove your trucks dependence on a ignition control module.

      Wrench Safe!