Scavenger Series® LS Swap Header

ls swap header

Flowmaster is excited to announce the availability of our new full-length LS Series engine-swap headers! Our Scavenger Series® Elite Headers feature our 3/8” laser-cut flanges and our ball flange connectors as well as 16 gauge stainless primary pipes in 1.75” diameter. Part number 814115 fits LS-1 and LS-6 engines in 1967-1969 Camaros, while part 814116 fits LS-1 and LS-6 engines in 1964-1972 GM A-body cars, such as Chevelles, GTOs, 442s, etc. Flowmaster Scavenger Series® Elite headers come with a quality silver ceramic coating to provide exceptional heat control and a great appearance under your hood. Please note, these headers are not emissions legal and are intended for off-road use only. For more information and product images, please visit or call our tech line at 707-544-4761.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dyno Tuned For Maximum Performance
  • Durable Ceramic Coating
  • Gasket-Free Ball Style Collectors
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    10 Responses to “Scavenger Series® LS Swap Header”

    1. Rebecca Vasquez

      ISO 1965 Mercury Marauder hood emblem, the Mercury emblem for trunk of 4 door hardtop.. Please contact me via email or text me at 650-862-7214

    2. John Darch

      I have a 425 in a 66 buick. Do you have a part # for this application. The last set of headers I had to modify to fit. Can you email me a cost as well? In Canada.

      • Iriya Lee

        There are a wide variety of headers available for your Sonoma, Check out many of the great offerings at

      • Customer Service Techs

        The set shown on the new products page is designed to swap a newer LS-styled engine into early GM F-body and A-body cars.
        While they will bolt to your engine they would likely have interference issues with other components under your hood. Flowmaster does make a set of Scavenger Headers specifically for your application, however they are a “Short-Styled” header.
        If your looking for a set of long tube headers, I would check out the offerings from Dynatech, Flowtech, Kooks and PaceSetter, to name a few.
        Depending on what you plan to do with your ride… Short tube headers will deliver more power in the low to mid RPM range (where most of us drive), while Long tube headers will give you better performance in the mid to high RPM ranges. Which header is best, depends on what your needs are.
        Thanks for the question and best of luck with your project.
        Wrench Safe.

      • Abdo

        I haven’t owned a truck, but 12 mpg seems about right depending on how you drive. With those tires it is prlbbaoy less! It all depends on what you want. For $3000, I’m sure you can find much newer trucks with possibly less miles. Check out the market before you commit to a purchase. Remember gas might go way up again, and I would start to question the reliability of a 1985 model, so there may be hidden costs in the future. Going back ten years is a big difference, just keep this in mind.Would a bed box/cover be a better idea for storage?