Thunderbird Missing Springs


I own a 1962 Thunderbird, and when doing a brake service on the car I noticed the manual shows two hold-down springs on each brake shoe. When I pulled the brake drums there was only one on each. Should I have two on each shoe?


Yes, each brake shoe should have two hold down springs on a 1962 Ford Thunderbird. The lower one is generally in a slotted hole. Years ago some brake pad manufacturers would omit the slotted hole and the mechanic assembling the brakes would toss the lower spring/pin, as there was no hole for it. Most brake shoe manufacturers today are made to accept both springs and new brake spring kits are available for your great ride.

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7 Responses to “Thunderbird Missing Springs”

  1. Richard Brown

    The shop manual only shows 2 springs for my 64 bird so they obviously changed the set up after 62. Haven’t done the brakes on mine as yet.

  2. Dennis sanders

    62 T-bird is my dream car, and yes dual springs required to stop brake chatter & squealing.

  3. Bill Albert

    I have a 63 Ford F1 hundred looking to change the transmission from a manual 3speed to a manual five speed looking for suggestions on where to buy transmission and related parts it currently has a 223 in-line six which only has 23 original thousand miles on it

    • Customer Service

      Hello Bill. I am sorry we are not aware of a kit for the 223 to mount a T5 transmission behind it…
      Our Friend Bob Bendtsen at Speed Gems makes adapters to put Ford AOD transmissions or GM 700R4 transmissions behind them.
      A quick search online shows us other enthusiasts have done it, although they did require additional machining to get them to work. And because we have not done this swap we are not certain as to the accuracy of much of the information that is out there.
      Classic Car Restoration Club

  4. noel sylvester

    I have a 1964 Buick Electra convertible. Brakes are an issue. Can I convert front brakes to disc, or where can I get good drums and pads?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Noel,

      For Classic Cars that are regularly driven the most popular upgrade is a front disc brake conversion. There are many options available for your car. Here are just a few to check out:

      Wilwood Conversion available at Jegs/Summit racing and others,

      Kanter Auto ( ) offers both disc brake conversion and original drums and shoes,

      and Scarebird ( ) who offer bracket kits and component lists to help you build your own disc brake conversion kit.

      Wrench Safe,
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      • Henry Milley

        I am in my 70’s and have worked on cars and trucks since i was 19 and that’s the first of me hearing of 2 hold down springs on brake shoes but if the car is designed to have them
        then I would not leave them
        out your life depends on good brakes you won’t be sorry puting them on just a thought