1934 International


1-1/2 ton Truck

Mark Simpson

Perhaps the best indication a project car has sat for too long, is the number of trees you will need to be cut down to begin working on it. Years ago, I had traveled to the northern edge of North Dakota, and just a stones throw from Canada. My trip was coordinated to pick up an old Hemi engine from Bruce Werven, a gentleman who owns a vintage car salvage business there. Upon arriving at Bruce’s place and after loading the engine, he invited me to take a look around.

As Bruce and I walked the rows of neatly arranged vintage iron we shared numerous stories of our great car finds and mishaps. Off in the distance I spied the International alone on a hillside. After a quick once around, I asked Bruce, “What he would need for it?” He wasted no time in replying, “That one’s not for sale”. I questioned why, and he said it has already been promised to someone else. I replied, “Well, if he changes his mind, give me a call”. We completed our walk around the yard and I was soon on my way back home.

Two and a half years later, just a couple weeks before Christmas, Bruce gave me the call I thought would never come. His voice rang out on the phone, “If you want it, it’s yours. I have a clean title for it and another just like it”.

The next weekend, I found myself driving toward Canada in the middle of December, to pick up two International trucks.

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7 Responses to “1934 International”

  1. chuck jostad

    Where in ND?I grew up in Bottineau,14 mi. from Canada..go back every 2 -3 years.4-5 yrs. ago in a wrecking yard,on north of town, a guy had 4-5 old cars. Could you have gone to my hometown? I know that area from Mont. to Minn. I'm in central Calif.now w/ 65,66 Bonneville converts, and 48 Chrysler New Yorker. I enjoy your videos,but I can't pay for membership to see them all the way through. I am old enough to know the Internationals-great trucks! Chuck

  2. William Price

    Good things come to those wait, and sometimes, two (2) things. ( Sorry, but I could not help myself.)

  3. Tom forej

    Reminds me of my 33 ford Sedan delivery (one owner) that I had known about and wanted for over 60 years, but never came available until two years ago. Was able to buy it and a 35 panel delivery at the same time. Both one owners, both original.

  4. Brian

    Another great find!

  5. Larry Creamer

    Mark if you happen to lose interest in the truck build(International) e-mail me , great find, good luck with it

  6. Rocky

    These are all very look good looking rides in the future ones to be too

  7. don