1935 Chevrolet

Master 2-door Coach

Mark Simpson

I have had this car for nearly 25-years, it started as a clean, all original car that had a prior amateur restoration done to it. The body was straight, and rust free, making it a solid foundation for building a quality street rod. I was drawn to the ’35, because it was the only year and model that Chevrolet offered suicide doors. The build took nearly 9-years, chiefly as time and money permitted, although over the years since, it has had additional changes and modifications.

Currently the car has been chopped 3-inches and the outside door handles have been shaved. Powered by a GM crate ZZ383 engine, that is topped by a Barry Grant 6-Shooter. Together this combination made 428Hp on engine dyno. Backing up the engine is a GearStar 4L60 transmission and 9-inch Currie rear axle with 3.50 gears. Replacing the front suspension is a Heidt’s independent front suspension, and Art Morrison 4-bar suspension out back. Braking is accomplished with Baer disc brakes on all four corners.

My favorite part of the car is the upholstery. This was my son’s first car to do complete leather custom upholstery. The results are truly first-class, and there’s a little more pride when attending car shows and letting fellow participants know “My son did that”.

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6 Responses to “1935 Chevrolet”

  1. Kenneth

    I have a 1935 chevy truck with a 3 speed tranny. How do I know if original # 590716-gm-5 A228. That’s number on it. If so how much is it worth. Thank you.

  2. Jon Wvans

    This is exactly how a hotrod should be built-instead of those god-awful Fords with Chevrolet engines in it. This one could be serviced by ANY Chevy dealer as well as by the owner.

  3. Ron Ross

    I'm sending you my friends name and email since he has the same car as you which are rare. His is 350/350 with dark red exterior and grey interior. He would love to hear from you.

  4. Jon Evans

    This is a FAR BETTER PROJECT than putting a Chevrolet engine into a vintage Ford. I hate those types of streetrods-with a passion!

  5. Thomas

    Really like your 35 Chevrolet! The first Car I ever rode in was Dad's original black 1935 Chevrolet Master 2 door sedan with trunk. Does your 35 Chevrolet have the trunk?

  6. mick heron

    true piece of art! great car would like to see more pics.