1941 Ford


Super Deluxe Convertible

Mike Rick Having owned numerous other hot rods and street rods over the years, when I went looking for this car, I was clearly looking for a larger car than most 30s-era cars. My wife (Missy) and I love to drive our cars, putting on thousands of miles every summer, and the confines of our previous ’34 Ford proved to feel rather cramped on extended road trips. When the ’41 came up for sale, I already knew it was a quality car, as it had been previously awarded “Street Rod of the Year” by the MSRA (Minnesota Street Rod Association). What drew me to the car first was the fact that it was a convertible—I just like them. Then it was the fact that it had a very clean, solid body and was intentionally built to be a good, reliable driver. Custom features on the car included shaved door handles, custom mirrors, a nosed and decked body, eliminated bumpers, and more. All these features helped give the car a sleek, smooth appearance. The independent front suspension, 9-inch Ford rear axle, and the 350/350 engine/transmission combination are all proven to be solid performers that guaranteed miles of trouble-free driving.
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14 Responses to “1941 Ford”

  1. Anthony Gaieski

    2003 mustang gt

  2. Larry

    The 41 looks to be a nice touring car. My 41 Tudor Sedan is anything but a nice rider with the stock front axle, disc brakes, powered by a ZZ4 350, turbo 400 transmission and 411 Posi rear end.

  3. Devon

    Damn beautiful car ruined 350/350🤮

  4. Michael Benedict

    Great Car, my parents had 41' Ford Sedan, was a huge car, loved riding in back window, or sitting on the arm rest. What Great Memories.

  5. Tom

    I have a 1941 Ford all original with the original flathead.

  6. Howard

    I love to read about other 41 Ford owners. Thanks for this wonderful story. I have a 41 Ford 2 door sedan Super Deluxe

  7. Bill Mason

    What a beautiful car to cruise in during the Summer months!

  8. walentin

    Oh my eye ! Just the body shell is alive,the rest is gonne !

  9. Norm

    BEAUTIFUL. nothing else to say!!!!!!

  10. Mauricio O'Neill

    Look nice and clear something I would drive around the block.