1955 Chevrolet 210

Here is a picture of my 1955 Chevrolet, Model 210, I call it my “Johnny Cash car” as it was completed “one piece at a time”… It took me approx.15 years to complete. As the Kids went to college and the Mortgage had to be taken care of, then I was able to complete my project. The body was “trashed” but that involved most of the work to restore it to its current condition.

Power for the old Chevy is provided by a 1968 327cu.in. engine with a same year turbo 400 transmission. The interior is mostly stock in appearance with a Hurst Dual gate shifter on the floor. Putting its power to the ground is a Ford 9-inch rear end. Stopping is handled with disc brakes up front and drum brakes at the rear. I built this car to the specs of a old Street n Strip car of the late 60’s/early 70’s…It is a Daily Driver (when the snow melts ) & I love it!!!

Thanks for checking out my ride from the Great White North!

– Jim Kennedy

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11 Responses to “1955 Chevrolet 210”

  1. Romeo

    Hi Jim looks great I have one looks the same colours like the way it sits

  2. Larry Buckmiller

    Hey Jim a nice looking 55 Chevy so it took you 15 years to get to the end on your build I'm kind of in that same boat as you were I've got a 68 Karman Ghia... one of those German thin skinned metal bodies that want to go to a rust bucket so fast and in the end aren't worth fixing. The best to you Jim it looks good I've had the same number of years as you did and as many headaches as you did along the way

  3. Herb

    When I was a boy back in the 60's my next door had a 55 post. It was turquoise and white. He would let me help him wash and wax it on the weekends. Free labor for him a lifetime of love for me.

  4. Hector Jr

    Beautiful and power. Tell me about the rear suspension and those traction bars.

  5. Edward

    Great looking Chevy and what a magnificent achievement over the 15 year term. Full credit to you for perseverance. I wish I had the expertise and confidence to complete a rebuild like yours. Edward Brisbane Australia

  6. Gerry

    Very nice car! Am building one myself!

  7. Lawrence

    Is this car for sale

  8. Eric

    Very nice, love the color combo, 2 door posts rock!!!!

  9. Terry

    I love those post cars.

  10. Boyd

    I have a 55 2dr. Hardtop with a bbc-4sp. I am restoring it for the 3rd time. Do all of the work engine drive train paint and body myself. So i know what it takes to have one that looks as yours does.