1962 Oldsmobile


Dynamic 88, 4-door Hardtop

Matt Sprouse

Sometime you go looking for a car to buy and sometimes it finds you. That is the case with my ’62 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. My parents moved from South Dakota to Minnesota years ago, although when they made the move they had more cars than people to drive them, so a friend had agreed to let them park their car in his field until they could return to get it. 30-plus years later the car had remained unmoved until my father told me about the car he had sitting in a field in South Dakota. Intrigued by the prospect I contacted my father’s old friend and asked if he still had the car (I guess in the back of my mind, I would have assumed it was sent to the salvage yards years ago). He replied, “Yes, are you ready to come get it”! I was wondering what I may be getting into, after all the car had been sitting out in a field for 30-plus years.

I borrowed a friend’s car trailer, but was still skeptical as to what I may find when I got there. To my surprise the car, although faded, was in remarkably good condition. The door and trunk seals had kept the rain from entering and rotting the floors. There were few sign of mouse damage and all the body panels were sound and straight, even the glass was in excellent shape. Soon the old Rocket was loaded on the trailer and we began our trip back to Minnesota, a trip that was more than 30-years in the making.

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10 Responses to “1962 Oldsmobile”

  1. Bryan

    My 1st car was a 61 Super 88 4 door. I paid $5 for it when I was 13. The transmission was bad. I rebuilt it and drove it until 12th grade when it was rear ended at a stop light totalling the car. I pulled the engine & trans, rebuilt the engine and found 62 2 door Dynamic 88 with no engine or trans (body was in excellent shape). Ended up selling it to my ex-father-in-law who changed the glass bowl fuel filter and didn't install it right. Ended up starting on fire and burned to the ground. What a waste. BTW I live in Minnesota too. Good luck on your restoration! Always loved Oldsmobiles, I have had 6 in the past.

  2. William

    That is an amazing story ! And look at that beauty.

  3. Paul

    Gives me hope my 1968 Plymouth Road Runner is still where I left it twenty years ago . . .

  4. Mr Ed

    My dad was an Oldsmobile man and I remember the "62"Olds" well. I too would love to see pics of it finished and during the process.

  5. Dale

    I do agree about soaking money into a 4 door and for me the "only" way I would, is that it was my fathers or granfathers so go for it, just super cool.

  6. Tom Boyd

    It's not just any old 4-door. It's a 4-door hardtop, and those were far, far cooler looking than a 4-door sedan.

  7. Don Willmott

    There are a few four door hard tops that look pretty cool then and now. Our 63 Impala 4-door hardtop had great lines as did the 58 Chevy Bel-aire. Most GM 1958 - 68 four door hard tops were very popular.

  8. George Wilton

    Personally myself I would never put that kinda time and money in a 4 door..not worth as much as a 2 door..the kids get these because they are easier and cheaper to buy..just my preference..

  9. Steve Carmean

    So have you started a restoration yet if so what are your plans for ut?

  10. mick heron

    great story would like to see the car now .they are cool lookin cars!!!!!