1964 Pontiac Parisienne

1964 Pontiac ParisienneI bought my 1964 Pontiac Parisenne eight years ago from a gentleman in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. It was a very clean low-mileage car and now has 84,000 miles on it.

I have fond memories of learning to drive in a 1965 Pontiac, and always wanted another one, but when I saw this nice 1964 I had to make it mine. It is powered by a 283 cubic inch engine that is backed up by a two-speed powerglide transmission. The car runs and drives like new and is a lot of fun to drive. We drive it a lot during the summer and those skinny little tires when I bought it just didn’t look right, so we upgraded them to new wider wheels and tires, that seem to fit the look of the car better. I told my son, when I’m gone the car is his; I don’t think that he can wait. Ha-ha.

Phil Brewer
Fredericton, N.B. Canada

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10 Responses to “1964 Pontiac Parisienne”

  1. Rob Parfitt

    I drove the 4 door Parisienne when my Dad bought it new , first Pontiac after a string of Chevys - learnt to drive on the 4 door 61 Biscayne. Why did we never keep them then, so cheap to run and buy!!

  2. Brian G Smith

    Phil, I am considering a 64 Parisienne and would have to upgrade the wheels and tires as you have done. Your car looks just right. They look like Wheels Vintique Pontiac wheels. Could you confirm and indicate the size of wheels and tires you used. Thanks. Brian

  3. Paul Letourneau

    I am looking for a copy of original blueprints (body) of 1964 Pontiac Custom Sport or Parisienne model. Would anyone know where I can find this? GM Archives does not share these. Thx. Paul

  4. Tim

    Hi Phil, nice car. I have been hanging on to a factory tach for a car like yours for about 15 years. looking to part with it for a reasonable price. Maybe you might know of someone in need of it. If you do, please contact me. I'm in Prince George B.C. Thanks and again, nice car!

  5. robert thompsett

    do you know were to take a classic car for repairs and restoration in nb. I find nb lacking facilities like this

  6. LaRue Jeffrey

    My first car was a 1964 don't get me wrong Pontiac did not have a 283 that was a chev Pontiac had a 389 I have owned 4 Pontiac's all had 389 engines Ioved my 64 the most

  7. Dick Patterson

    <strong> I have a 64 bonneville and am looking to replace the brake pedal pad and have not been able to locate one ,it is a auto trans ,any help would be appreciated

  8. Ian Clapham

    <strong>‬ I live in Australia and I am restoring a 1969 Buick Riviera. I like your wheels. What wheels and tires did you fit?

  9. James Moshonas

    Just bought a 64 Parisienne 4 door last summer. Believed too much of what the old couple said and my fault for not checking more than I did. I am 70 so it was difficult to reach underneath to tap the frame. Turned out to have a brokeb frame behind the rear left, and the reaf frame was rotted out. So I had a new rear fram made and all body mounts in the middle and rear rebuilt with new metal and rubber. Have bought a ton of new parts so I have committed myself to making this beauty safe. Paint is crap but interior is great. My family is looking forward to lots of drives this spring. We just moved to Quebec, now near Gatineau, across the river from Ottawa. Phil you have a beaute. Enjoy it. John, good luck with the rebuild of your convertible. These cars are unique in this day where everything looks like a clone of something or each other.

  10. john manos

    cool wheels you have there...i just bought a 62 bonneville conv...my 1st car as well ; about 55 years ago...wish me luck!! nice shape but needs some interior and dash work and rear conv. top window!! best of luck!!