1966 Ford Galaxie 7Litre


Here are three of my six classic Ford’s. First is the fully functional car that I presently use for my cruising. It is a ‘66 Ford Galaxie 7 Litre hardtop. This is a 4 speed, one of 1700 made. I purchased this from my late friend in Michigan, who had restored the car in the early 00s. When I got it, the engine would overheat and not run very well. Found quite a few mistakes in it, so I rebuilt it correctly and changed the 4-speed toploader from a close ratio to wide ratio. The paint was applied in Michigan; it is a 2004 Dodge Electric Blue.

Second is another 66 Ford Galaxie 7Litre. This one is also a hardtop, and has a C6 automatic. This car is the highest optioned 7 Litre known to exist in the 7 Litre registry at www.7litre.org. I have been working on this car for a few years; I built a rotisserie to work on the body and frame separate. All work on the car I did myself except for engine machining and transmission rebuild. I am presently finishing up the electrical systems (built all new harnesses myself – not using aftermarket sources). Paint is PPG 9700 black with SPI clear coat, flow coated 5 layers.

Last is what will be my next project. She is a 65 Ford Galaxie XL R code, which is a factory 427 car. One of 320 full sized Fords built with 427s, the count for XL version is unknown. It is one of 2 in the Galaxie 427 registry. This car had the body done and painted, but will need to be redone as the paint is cracking in spots. The car has the original 427, dual quad with Top loader 4-speed. Hopefully, I can start actual work on her sometime this year (after the 66 is done).

-Tom Volpone

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10 Responses to “1966 Ford Galaxie 7Litre”

  1. Robert Gibbons

    Beautiful car. I had a '65 7 Litre I bought new in Ann Arbor Mi. Red with black interior. Buckets C6 trans with the 428 engine. only had it about 8 months cause of tickets and insurance costs. Hated to let it go. Wish I had it back.

  2. Steven Glassburn

    I had a 1966 7-litre "R" code 427 4- speed back in the 60's...black with a white vinyl top. Faced it to death...wish I still had it. A fast car. Sold it in 1971 with a 352 auto. in it..

  3. Charlie Barnett

    Raised in GM family and led by a strict imposing father I knew if my 1st new car purchase would cause problems if I purchased the '66 Ford 2 door Galaxie LTD with the 390 engine. In '65 a ad executive on the Ford Div account (John M Fleming) had sound level tests resulting in the campaine "The LTD is quieter than the Rolls Royce" and Wall Street Journal had a article mentioning the cloth fabric used in the LTD cost the Ford Div $17.00 per square yard - more than the fabric being used by their Lincoln Div. In '66 the LTD and 7 Litre both had beautiful die cast chrome plated grills while Chevrolet was well into their much less expensive cheap stamped aluminum grills. I will say I loved it, wish I still had it, and keep my eye open for a purchase opportunity. Unfortunately two years later I needed to sell the car as I was offered a opportunity to work for the Oldsmobile Div of GM which I did enjoy very much - but 45 years have gone by and I still look for that '66 LTD.

  4. Paul Wells

    Wow, any car that has the words: 427, dual quad and 4-speed in the description is a winner.

  5. Don

    Are any of the 67 7 Litre's lurking out there?

  6. John

    All I can say is...WOW! Wow! When I was a teen my mom bought a 7-litre and I loved it. I've had a few since. Now I have a '66 XL convertible. You have some great iron. Good luck.

  7. howard

    cool old cars and rare im a Pontiac man but grew up on fords and chevys hell like em all

  8. mike Doukas

    very nice cars !! I have '66 Galaxie 500 XL/390 Love my car !!!

  9. Gary

    Sorry email was wrong trying to fix wiring on my 65 Bird for power windows the pigtail wiring is shot any ideas plz Thk u Gary

  10. David matter

    Very nice car