1976 Oldsmobile


Cutlass S Coupe

Sandy Sjogren

I grew up hearing the stories of the cars that parents and their friends felt they should have never parted with, or wish they could have back today. In high school my jet black Olds Cutlass was my pride and joy, with it’s matching black interior and landau top. I loved this car so much and all of the memories it held, learning to drive, and the independence and freedom it brought, I was committed early on to keep it for a lifetime. My boyfriend then later, husband (Doug) was equally as crazy about his high school car, a 1970 Mercury Cougar. Although it was also his daily driver, and soon the ravages of winter and road salt brought it to it’s demise. I was determined my beloved Cutlass would not meet the same fate, and as money permitted, I had it professionally repainted, and from that point onward it would never face the ravages of winter again.

Over the years I have needed to replace some parts as time took it’s toll on some of the parts, but the vast majority of the car remains with its original pieces today.

The 350ci engine still runs strong and the 350-turbohydromatic transmission shifts equally as strong. Throughout our marriage we have continued to enjoy the car at countless car shows and events.

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9 Responses to “1976 Oldsmobile”

  1. Juan Carlos Henning

    Really nice car. Congratulations. Bet your children will give it the value it deserves.

  2. Derwin

    I also had a 76 , it was the bronze color,lowered with t-tops and it had the small v-8 and got great mileage. Best ride I ever had. I keep looking for it to get it back. Nice!!!

  3. Robert

    Yep! My Farther bought one of these new in 76 for my Mom Firethorn red on red interor. beautful car, we had for 12+ years past down from brouther to brouther, what a great car! miss it. You have a nice one there!

  4. Doug

    I had a wrecked 70 Toronado with 110k on the 455. Got lucky and found a 76 Cutlass for $100 with no engine. You can see where I'm going with this... That car FLEW!

  5. Lobsang

    You need to get your facts straight. Opinions are one thing, htorsiy is another all together. The Ford Escort was one of the best engineered and (still) best-selling world cars of all time. The Acadian and the Omega were derivatives of the Nova, another simple, but well engineered model that lasted decades. The K-platform Chryslers were nothing less than ingenious for their time, and saved Chrysler and millions of jobs. Just because you don't like them doesn't displace their historical value.

  6. Bob

    Very nice car Sandy. I always liked that style!

  7. Dave

    Love this car. I had one myself. A 76 Olds Cutlass Salon. 350 Rocket.. the exact same colour as yours, but mine front and rear bumperetts and a burgundy interior. Congratulations on Keeping this So VERY pristine. I'm envious.

  8. ed


  9. Steve Carmean

    BEAUTIFUL car it is awesome that you have been able to hold on to your first car!