52-year Beetle Fan

I have owned this 1968 VW Beetle since 1968 (52 years) it wears the original zenith blue paint it wore when it escaped the Wolfsburg Plant in Germany on March 22nd, 1968. The car also still has the original 1500cc 53 hp air-cooled rear-mounted engine with only 42,705 miles since birth. My Beetle even has the original spare tire and wheel and remains all stock except EMPI headers.

The original black leatherette interior is like new. I am sorry this car is not a restoration but thought it was worthy of sharing. Not many VW’s endured the elements this long without turning mostly to rust, I am pleased to have a birth certificate from the VW Museum showing it was shipped to NJ on March 26th, 1968 to Wilson Auto Imports in Easton, PA.

My beloved little Beetle is a true survivor indeed of precious endangered metals from the past.

Barry Dorshimer

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7 Responses to “52-year Beetle Fan”

  1. ARTIE

    Nicely kept auto. Back in the 60’s cars were like family. They had value to who ever owned one and I don’t mean monetary. We all just loved our cars and what the next year would bring 😊

  2. Martin Alter

    A really great looking VW!

  3. Jeff

    Wow. That has to be one of a kind.

  4. Greg Brammer

    It looks great. It show the potential of cars being taken care of Thank you for sharing

  5. brett

    Barry: Are you knowledgeable on german cars? I have a 69 Mercedes 280 SE coupe, bought my my mom in Germany and shipped over in '69. Has been garaged and not driven for many years. It runs and it all original, although leather has aged. May need to sell it but am not confident right now on its value. Need a german car buff to advise. thx

  6. Roy

    Wow!....Very nice! A great example of just how nice the stock VW Beetle was/is !

  7. Bruce Diggs

    You must have shrink wrapped it until days of late. It seems to have escaped all element signs. OR a small body shop has had a great time with it that you are sitting on.