A Once Forgotten Old Friend

I finally came into the stage of my life where I could buy the car I actually wanted AND was able to afford. It was a new 1981 Honda Prelude. Drove the car for 10 years, then put it on blocks and it sat in my garage for another 10 years, not running. Moved and had to haul the Honda to the new house. Had no room in the garage for it, so it sat in the yard, amongst weeds, mice, wasps, heat, mold and cold of Washington State.

The car sat there for 17 more years not running. Finally I retired and decided the Honda needed some love. I have never restored a car before, but had some basic knowledge of what I needed to do. First was a battery, replacing radiator hoses and new fluids. Gas tank was completely rusted. Three-barrel carburetor was clogged. Electric fuel-pump dead. Clutch pressure-plate and flywheel rusted solid. Brakes rusted solid. Wasp nests filled the door jams and around the headlights. Upholstery dried to a crisp along with a couple skeletons of my rodent friends.

I am happy to say that I am now driving it once again. All mechanical items taken care of. Upholstery is new vinyl. Some bodywork had to be done for rust, then a pretty paint job of the original color. One of the great surprises is that the original clock still works! Tick-tok Honda…tick tok as it cruises the streets once again.

Big Al.

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