Factory Five GTM


Here is a picture of my Factory Five GTM. With less than 200 GTM’s on the road in the world, this GTM is designed to use many C5 Corvette parts such as suspension, fuel tanks, radiator, brakes, mirrors, door handles, etc. I put a new LS3 e-Rod engine in it along with a Mendeola transaxle, that I had custom made for the car. I installed and built everything on the car except for the body work/paint and welding. The paint is “Guard’s Red” with a black roof and both are top-coated with fine crushed glass, that sparkles in the sun.

Conrad Prusse

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4 Responses to “Factory Five GTM”

  1. Dennis

    Absolutely Stunning 👍 I would love to know more about ‘Factory Five’ and the GTM Itself Could you please send me some detailed Information, along with your Contact Information?? I am very interested...Thanks much, Dennis in Nevada

  2. Bill Blendick

    Where can I get more information on Factoy Five ?

  3. John Keller

    Great infro to use!!!!!

  4. James Vander Poel

    Nice job. I'm familiar with Factory Five - have always wanted to build one of their '65 roadsters, but this really looks nice.