Forgotten Pontiacs

Forgotten Pontiacs


We moved into a property that has a couple of old cars that need restored, both Pontiacs, one is a Parisienne and one is a Trans Am. We know NOTHING about cars and wondered if you were able to help us find out how we could sell them and how much they were worth. All I know is one is a Parisienne and one a Trans Am? We have no idea on age, but I’ll include some photos!


Your situation is not all that uncommon, cars end up being left in the strangest of places. You could simply part them out on eBay or craigslist, or even sell them with a ‘Bill of Sale’ only and let the next owner worry about securing a title. BUT, The real problem is you need to determine if the cars can be sold at all, as you don’t want to end up being charged with selling stolen property.

I would contact the local police department or your state highway patrol and have them run the plates and/or VIN number to determine if the cars are clear or if they are stolen or have a string of tickets (parking, used in crimes, etc.…) open against them. If they are stolen the police will take procession of them and you’ll be in the clear. If their records come up empty you can try to locate the most recent owner through your state DMV to get a new title, or you can find out from your state DMV what you need to do to secure clean titles for both. Every state is different in how they issue new titles… some states are easy while others are next to impossible… know what you’re getting into before you start, and compare that to the value of the cars.

What are the cars worth? The 1967 Pontiac Parisienne convertible is likely worth more than the 80’s Trans Am, but it is difficult to give you a solid valuation based on a couple of low resolution photos and limited information. I would suggest reaching out to some knowledgeable local car enthusiasts and getting at least a couple of values from different sources before considering any offers to buy them.

Wrench Safe,

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8 Responses to “Forgotten Pontiacs”

  1. Isaac Okoreeh-Baah

    You can call me at 6154730351 or 6158187553. I might buy them both.

  2. Jerry Peralez

    Installing a new wooden bed in a 1955 Chevy pick up truck, short bed 1/2 ton truck

  3. Frank O. May

    After clearing them with local police, take close-up photos (in focus) of all exterior angles, close-ups on each fender and wheel, open hood and close up under hood, including car tag. List on Ebay (NOT Craigs List), no minimum, show all photos, give them two weeks to bid, you will do very well (I believe!). Frank

  4. Jeff Peterson

    I believe the Pontiac used the Parisienne name for Catalinas built in Canada back in the sixties. I have attended Pontiac car meets where there Pontiacs that looked like Chevy Novas. Don't know for sure if that helps or hurts the value but I would think a Canadian heritage would make it more rare. Pontiac USA did use the Parisiene name in the seventies and eighties.

  5. Vincent Mosino

    i have a 1974 firebird 400 auto air cond nice condicion need paint advice.

  6. walter k. willis

    Contact Tim Dye at the Pontiac Oakland Museum. Maybe you could donate them so that they can be saved or preserved for future generations

  7. Jerry Kerychuk

    If you need to sell them or want to sell them send me an email and I will contact you with all the questions that need answers before selling and I can give you a fair price maybe even buy them need to know more about them first

  8. Nathan Lange

    If that property is near Tennessee, I'll make an offer for the 67