LoudMouth Exhaust Launches Brand

loudmouth_exhaust-linc_cont_mobsteelLoudMouth Exhaust, long associated with premier exhaust systems that can fit virtually any vehicle, debuts as a stand-alone brand. Previously, LoudMouth was a product line within Street Legal Performance (SLP).

“As a stand-alone entity, LoudMouth Exhaust now can take a stronger position in the marketplace,” said Jay Velthoven, brand manager. “We’re shaking up the exhaust space with new products on even more vehicles and with new technologies.”

One of LoudMouth’s first new product lines is SmartMouth Interactive Exhaust. An interface exhaust technology, SmartMouth allows drivers to custom tune their vehicle exhaust sounds using an iOS app on an iPhone or iPad. SmartMouth will be available in 2016 a variety of OEM brands, such as GM, Ford, Subaru, BMW and more.

“With SmartMouth, performance enthusiasts can customize their vehicle with a unique audible experience at an affordable price,” said Velthoven. “Imagine being able to create exhaust sounds for specific situations, or to reflect a driver’s personality. That’s what SmartMouth is all about.”

LoudMouth exhausts are lighter than stock exhaust systems, which optimize overall vehicle handling. The exhaust systems maximize flow and minimize backpressure, which increase a vehicle’s power and efficiency. In addition, LoudMouth’s sound characteristics help amplify vehicle attitude

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