Revolutionary New Thermal Coating

ZyCoat-Thermal-Coatingn HushMat, named the exclusive distributor for Zycoat™, LLC, introduces a line of Revolutionary New thermal coatings technology for the automotive industry. Zybar™, a manifold and exhaust coating is the first product in the line. Zybar ™ thrives in 2000+°F environments producing higher engine horsepower, corrosion resistance and over 90% radiant heat reduction when applied in less than 1 mil thickness.

Consumers, engine/car builders and jobbers will find easy access to technical data, videos and more effective solutions to engine side heat problems! HushMat, the fastest growing automotive thermal insulation & sound deadening material’s company, continues to lead the industry with high performance product technology that’s simple to install.

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6 Responses to “Revolutionary New Thermal Coating”

  1. George R. Gibson

    dos it half to be baked on ?

  2. Don Briggs

    More info on product and what it actually does ???

  3. Lloyd

    Is this a liquid, applied by brush? My headers have been ceramic coated, what other parts, areas of my 1974 Corvette would benefit from this coating?

  4. John

    Probably not available in Australia, yet, but I am still interested in reading about the technology!

  5. keith

    would like too know more

  6. Ralph. Wethli

    I would like to know Where I can buy "Zybar". Thank you.