Saved by a Creeper

I was pinned under the front of my 1969 Ford Galaxie, when I accidently knocked her out of gear, while underneath changing oil….. the back-end of the car went over the first level of our terraced back yard, and I was drug along underneath the car directly behind the front wheel….the only thing that saved my life was the CREEPER I was on, otherwise the front driver’s wheel (with all the weight of that big-Boss 429 motor) would’ve went right over my rib cage and crushed me to death when the car came down off of the metal ramps!

A wrecker came and lifted the front end off of me, and after a night in the hospital for observation, I came home the next morning with a greasy head and beet-red bloodshot eyes, and , needless to say, very sore ribs for weeks!

Jeff Henn

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One Response to “Saved by a Creeper”

  1. Brandon hess

    Interesting anymore pics of this beautiful car? Lol