Stealth V-Belt Pulleys and Brackets

CVF Racing StealthCVF Racing has recently added a new line of pulleys to their arsenal with their Stealth™ anodized coating. This coating is a black, bright dip anodize that provides superior abrasion resistance and adhesion when compared to traditional powder coating.

The Stealth pulleys and brackets are machined and anodized in the USA using the highest quality materials. Their Stealth V-Belt pulleys are available for Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, and Small Block Ford. These pulleys and brackets give you an OEM “sleeper” look in a CNC machined aluminum part. Their pulleys are machined at over 3000 RPM to ensure that they run true and are perfectly balanced.

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3 Responses to “Stealth V-Belt Pulleys and Brackets”

  1. JACK

    Email me at jjohns27@nycap.rr on whereabouts to purchase.

  2. roland wrigt

    would like info on these pulleys

  3. David Maguire

    How much are these pulleys?? Do they have them for a small block Chevy with the ac on the drivers side, the alternator on the passenger side, and the Saginaw ps below the ac on the drivers side??