If you believe gauges should be big and round, you’re going to fall in love with this all new, updated and upgraded universal replacement set manufactured by CON2R in Beaverton, OR. From the typeface to the embossed background textures, these instruments demonstrate how “factory stock” was elevated to meet their “SuperStock” standards.

Named after their dual, three-gauge layout, the speedometer and tachometer are given equal importance while the four auxiliary gauges are arranged in a “two by two” configuration below them. The textures, windows and raised lettering CON2R is known for create an authentic appearance for this all new, “Old Skool” design. Behind the factory-look faces are electronic stepper motors that drive the needles with the highest possible level of accuracy and dependability.

When the sun goes down, the instrument faces light up courtesy of CON2R’s unique and exclusive “halo” LED system that provides even, glare-free illumination across each gauge face. Parking brake, high beam and turn signal lights are all integrated so they become part of the overall design.

Black and white color schemes are standard but special colors are available as are 120, 140 and 160 mph speedometer markings.

The bezels, as should be expected from the Old Skool Zone at CON2R, are die-cast, hand polished and triple chrome plated to keep the appearance as authentic as possible.

Additional information on these instruments and others being developed by CON2R can be found online at www.con2r.com

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5 Responses to ““TWIN THREE” GAUGE SETS”


    Check out the best Gauge sets for classic cars at www dot hamptonengineering dot com.


    Check out the best Gauge sets for classic cars at www.hamptonengineering.com.

  3. warren

    is their a three gauge set that will fit into the 1954 ford dash, speedometer, fuel, temp. thanks.

  4. Gregory Olson

    How about a 1995 Ford F150? I hate the dash gauge layout but will be buried in my pickup.

  5. Thomas Devaty

    Will these match the speedometer and clock spaces on the 1946!Ford dashboard?