What are the Correct Decal Locations on a 1968 Chevelle?

1968 Chevelle 307


Hi, I could really need help with this question. I’m trying to find factory locations of the decals, so far I only came across the tire pressure in the glove box. I have a 1968 Chevelle Malibu convertible 307. I thank anyone who can help!


Thanks for the question and please excuse the delay in getting back to you, as we solicited the advice of more than a couple of Chevelle experts.

The first thing we discovered is there is no shortage of experts in this area and secondly that they often don’t agree with each other. We then learned there was no shortage of decals and labels used on a ’68 Chevelle, In addition to the main stickers like Air Cleaner, GM door decals, etc. there are a wealth of smaller labels used on various components, including: Engine ID, Rear Axle ID, Brake lines, Fuel Lines, Trans ID and lines, Dust shield Shocks, Springs, Control Arms, Acc, Speedo and Emergency brake cable, Evaporator lines, Stabilizer bars, Chassis, Brake Bail, Steering Box, Battery Cables, Fuel Neck, and electrical labels for the Front / Engine / Dash and Rear harnesses.

Scott Parkhurst one of our “Go-To” sources for Chevelle restoration information sent us this great lead for many of the hard-to-find decals and labels. What we liked about this source, is they include a “placement sheet” that details the exact position of each label, and the kit is put together specifically for your car taking into consideration: Engine size and HP, Transmission, Rear end information, Power or Manual Steering, Coupe or Convertible, Assembly Plant or 7th digit from your Vin #.

Because of the popularity of Chevelle’s, all of the door/trunk/engine compartment stickers/decals are reproduced. A quick check discovered countless reputable sources for decals including: Year One, Original Parts Group (opgi.com), and others. As to the exact placement of every decal and stamp… This can sometimes vary even in the same model year, with changes on the production line.

One excellent source for decal/sticker placement is the “1968 Chevelle Factory Assembly Instruction Manual”. This is a must have resource for anyone serious about restoring a 1968 Chevelle; at over 440-pages with countless detailed illustrations.

My recommendation is to do the research, web search unrestored 1968 Chevelle’s, take notes of decal locations on several cars before determining the exact location and types that should be on your car. Old salvage yards can also be an excellent source for cars that haven’t been touched in decades, just remember to bring your camera.

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  1. Gavin

    Good day, hope all is well with you and yours. Nice to c u putting stickers in the right spot. Not on the outside. Reproductions are cheap. Original's cost. Have you done your research? Or just paint by numbers. Geougus rig bye the way. You have my email. Ya help you out no problem. Have a grand day. G.

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  3. Jerome johnson

    Trying locate parts for a 1936 dodge sedan 4 door i.e running boards, front grill, hood and trunk ornaments