Hammer Forming Fundamentals DVD




DVD: Hammer Forming Fundamentals

Hammer forming sheet metal is one of the oldest forms of metal fabrication known; Mark Simpson introduces you to the process and the materials used in forming projects. Using basic hammer forming techniques, Simpson transforms two flat pieces of aluminum into a custom air cleaner. Using this process virtually any sheet metal part can be recreated from patch panels to custom center consoles; there simply are no limits.

The first step is planning out what forms will be needed to get the job done. Simpson takes you through the process of designing patterns and preparing to cut out the form and clamp. Building a “Form & Clamp” for hammer forming requires only simple hand tools. Mark shows you the process of cutting and sanding to achieve a high quality form.

Chapter Topics:

  • Making the Template
  • Cutting Form and Clamp
  • Hammer Forming
  • Total run time on this DVD is 65 minutes.

    Watch a preview of this DVD below:

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