Interior Component Restoration DVD




DVD: Interior Component Restoration

Most classic car guys cringe at the prospect of having to work on the interior or upholstery in their car. But you don’t need to know how to sew to take on many projects in your car’s interior.

In this DVD, you’ll discover how to make your own ABS interior panels, build your own kick panels from scratch using textured upholstery panel board, repair cracked and broken plastic panels, and restore texture to plastic panels. Mark Simpson even shares a great tip to avoid chipping paint when putting screws into painted trim pieces.

Anodized aluminum interior trim pieces can become scratched and damaged, and the hard anodizing makes it nearly impossible to repair them. Simpson demonstrates how to efficiently remove the anodizing without damaging the aluminum. Then he demonstrates how to straighten and remove scratches, and then polish them to a high-luster.

Total run time on this DVD is 74 minutes.

Watch a preview of this DVD below:

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