Paint and Body: Tips and Tricks DVD


Item: S3001R


DVD: Paint and Body: Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re just starting the restoration on your classic car or you already have your ride on the road, there are many great methods to help make and keep your car looking its best.

In this video, Mark Simpson explores some of his favorite tips and techniques for everything from: Working with body fillers; getting the most out of your sandpaper; repairing chips; and thin edges on painted cars.

Color sanding and buffing is the best way to remove orange peel and surface defects in paint. Simpson takes you step-by-step through the process of color sanding painted surfaces using different types of sanding blocks and multiple grades of wet/dry sandpaper.

Then we explore the paint buffing and polishing process, starting with the different types of buffing and polishing compounds as well as the different types of buffing pads from wool to compounding foam and polishing foam pads, then using Micro-Fiber towels and hand polishing to achieve a true show-car finish.

Total run time on this DVD is 66 minutes.

Watch a preview of this DVD below: