Safety Glass, Inspections & Fuel Tanks DVD




DVD: Safety Glass, Inspections & Fuel Tanks

Most car enthusiasts will never cut their own safety glass, but know what goes into it can help any restorer better prepare their cars for glass replacement. Master glass cutter, Jim Lundquist, shows and explains to you many of the common tools used to remove and install glass in classic cars; and demonstrates the process of cutting, grinding and installing classic car glass into a framed glass side window of a fifties Oldsmobile convertible. Lundquist also demonstrates the process of removing lower glass channels from original glass and reinstalling them on new glass, then Jim completes the glass restoration on a classic 1935 Studebaker by installing new glass channels and door sweeps.

Having a second set of trained eyes carefully inspect your car for any safety concerns is a “must-have” for your peace of mind. Mark Simpson explains the importance of classic car safety inspections and takes you through a traditional safety inspection process with important considerations we all should be aware of when building our classic cars.

Our classic cars often sit for months at a time without being used or in some cases they’ve sat for decades before being restored. Simpson takes you through the process of inspecting an old fuel tank, preparing a new one and installing it safely into a car.

Total Run Time: 77 minutes.

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