Under The Hood: Essential Tips DVD




DVD: Under The Hood: Essential Tips

If you drive your classic car, you’re going to have to work on it – or even improve it. Join Mark Simpson as he takes a look under the hood to tackle a few common tasks you’ll likely run into when working on your car.

Simpson explores a range of topics from properly using and lubricating gear pullers, to preventing brake fluid drips when filling master cylinders, to properly installing hoses and Corbin style hose clamps.

He also dives deeper into restoration details like recreating stapled to metal seals and converting from a manual heat riser choke to an electric choke on a Carter WCFB carburetor.

While we’re under the hood, we’ll give our ride a tune-up and replace the points, set the gap and discuss the process of setting the dwell. But we won’t stop there – with new points it’s essential we time out the engine, so we’ll look at the process of engine timing and discuss in detail the dynamics at work when an engine is timed as well as the effects of over advance or over retarded timing.

Total run time on this DVD is 66 minutes.

Watch a preview of this DVD below:

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