Dennis Gage

1956 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible

Dennis Gage
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Duration:   7  mins

Car designer Virgil Exner had a vision for the ’50s Chrysler Corporation cars: that they should look like they were going fast, even when sitting still. He named this styling the “Forward Look.” Dennis Gage travels to Connecticut to take a closer look at John Cote‘s stunning Exner-designed Desert Rose and White 1956 Chrysler, New Yorker convertible. Every detail has been considered when restoring this beautiful car, from the original wire wheels to the steering wheel clock and the fully functional factory Highway HiFi record player. This great ride also features a push button transmission, Hemi engine, leather interior, and so much more. This car runs as good as it looks, and Dennis takes this award-winning ride for a drive he’ll never forget.

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