Mark Simpson

Building Your Own Sanding Blocks

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   2  mins

High-density foam sanding blocks are great for sanding filler and primer. However, they can get expensive, and the cost alone can have you second-guessing yourself when it comes to modifying them. Mark Simpson shares a great tip that will help you create custom foam sanding blocks at a fraction of the cost. Using simple hand tools, Simpson modifies foam yoga blocks to create custom sanding blocks for almost any need.

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One Response to “Building Your Own Sanding Blocks”


    Great idea with the Yoga blocks. One thing to mention is a flat surface on the block. The commercial Dura blocks are not always flat on the bottom and it will change with use. I use a flat piece of laminated glass and stick a length of sandpaper to it and sand my blocks. Any good known flat surface will work. my buddy uses a piece of 1/4 inch aluminum plate. It is amazing to see how imperfect your blocks are when you start to sand them. Check your flat surface with a straight edge.

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