Mark Simpson

Classic Car Fuel Pump Conversion

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   10  mins

Restoring almost any classic car can be a challenge, and finding the correct maintenance parts once they are completed can prolong those challenges. Let’s face it—cars break down, and for many of us, we dread the thought of having our cars towed home simply because the part you need is not readily available.

Thankfully, the aftermarket recognizes the need for parts and offers kits to make readily available parts fit on to vintage cars. One such kit is a fuel pump conversion produced by our friends at Hot Heads Research & Racing, and allows newer MoPar 318 cubic-inch engine fuel pumps to be fitted to early Hemi cars. These fuel pumps are available from most auto parts stores for less than $30, guaranteeing this is an upgrade that will pay for itself and give us the peace of mind knowing parts are available should a failure occur.

Replacing any mechanical fuel pump is a pretty straightforward process, but once you add an adapter and a different style fuel pump you can expect to need to make a few allowances to get everything fit properly. Join Mark Simpson as he takes us step-by-step through the process of removing a factory fuel pump then installing a fuel pump conversion kit and more modern fuel pump.

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