Mark Simpson

Crimping on New Battery Terminal Connectors

Mark Simpson
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Duration:   5  mins

Whether you’re relocating your battery, making custom-length battery cables, or powering up a huge audio amplifier in the trunk, knowing the right way to cut and crimp large electrical cables will ensure your new upgrade will work as you intended. Mark Simpson demonstrates how to cut copper cable and crimp on new battery terminal connectors, then seal them to the elements.

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6 Responses to “Crimping on New Battery Terminal Connectors”

  1. Scott Westenskow

    Every time I watch a video related to electrical or wiring from these guys, I am glad I only paid $2 for a membership. The guy seems like he's trying to be helpful but generally ends up showing how not to do wiring. It's painful watching some of these.

  2. Kevin Koelz

    Kind of a bogus way of stripping the cable with a Leatherman type multi tool? Why not use a cable stripper. And use a hydraulic crimper with dies to get an even crimp all the way around. Glad to see you used heat shrink. Sorry, Not impressed with the professionalism.

  3. George t. Geissinger

    When he has a birthday buy him a tape measure that is more like 3/4 - 1 " he is stripping back.. While you are playing with nice tools they make a nice tool for cutting and stripping the insulation that doesn't make a mess of the wire

  4. bruce

    sorry, but that wouldn't cut it here(nice to see the heat shrink tubing to cover up the poor workmanship). Use dies but if one wanted to use solder, you would put the terminal in a vise,m heat it up, add solder , and THEN while it's still fluid, push the wire into it--this will NOT ruin the wire wrap(then put your heat shrink on). Better yet is to use crimp dies; you want to get the outside of the copper wires unexposed to air; (the electrons/conductivity runs mainly on the outer surface of the copper, not inside it)

  5. Kirk

    I would use a little No-Ox on the cable before I crimped on the lug.

  6. Thomas

    Still trying to build my 59 300E Ford Thames Van

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