Ford and Mustang Roundup Part 2

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Dennis Gage continues his quest to check out nearly 1,000 cars attending the All Ford and Mustang Roundup Show in Silver Springs, Florida. Tom Tate’s 1975 Ford Mustang II 2+2 stood out from the crowd and Gage needed to examine it just a little more. Originally this great little car was owned by a street racer from Detroit, and modifications included a Roush 460 engine punched out to 505 cubic inches, tubed rear body, rear subframe, and much more…

Next a Ford Model A Speedster begged for more attention. Owned by Russ Ambrose, the 1929 Speedster harkens back to the early days of performance cars. This ride is still powered by the original 4-cylinder engine yet has plenty of power for a car this size. Finally Dennis had to check out a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Convertible. This amazing ride still features its stock interior including rim-blow wheel and factory 8-track player, and is powered by a 351 engine.

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